★What We Do


We study Tenshintaido  (Shintaido &Kenbu Tenshin Ryu)

Shintaido was started in Japan in the 1960's under the leadership of Mr. Hiroyuki Aoki, with a group of martial artists (Rakutenkai),and others who wished to combine traditional wisdom with aspirations for peace, freedom and equality. 


Kenbu Tenshin Ryu , it is new school of Iai-Batto Kenjutsu . Kenbu tenshinryu is not the traditional Japanese arts of Iaido (the art of drawing the sword), kendo . 

Kenbu Tenshin Ryu came from Shintaido and traditional japanese Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu.

Founder Hiroyuki Aoki started creating Kenbu Tenshin Ryu  in Japan in 2009. He has adopted the main characteristics of Shintaido that effectively develops one's physical abilities and integrated them with Iai-Batto Kenjutsu, giving birth to Kenbu Tenshin Ryu.




In Tenshintaido(Shintaido & Kenbutenshinryu), there is no game. We train with kata.