Kenbu Tenshin Ryu is a new style of Iai-Batto Kenjutsu created by Founder Hiroyuki Aoki.

The uniqueness of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu lies in the fact that it draws from various traditional schools of Bujutsu developed through the long history of Budo practice in Japan, and has revised and refined them to suit the needs of the modern era.

Kenbu Tenshin Ryu  is a unique combination of martial arts and body movement that cultivates the spirit along with the mind and body. It has been called a moving meditation.  

The movements of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu provide a new way of experiencing our relationship with ourselves, others, nature, and the spiritual world.

In Kenbu Tenshin Ryu, you will experience a unique blend of modern martial arts elements and Body Arts expressions embodied in the flowing sword techniques, as soft and graceful as a sword dance. 

Kenbu Tenshin Ryu is also a sword techniques, and a form of artistic expression, and a method of the philosophical contemplation. 

Kenbu Tenshin Ryu attracts people who are interested in change, self development, and re-connecting with their bodies, their community, their spiritual nature,and japanese traditional culture. 

The base of Kenbu tenshin Ryu is Tenshin philosophy.

Tenshin philosophy is not Buddism, Shintoism, Christianity..this philosophy is not religion.

Tension philosophy is based on many religious experiences of Master Aoki.

Master Aoki, he was an earnest Christian. And he was an able Karate-ka.

At the age of 29 years old, he had a surprising experience.

This is experience of "mu"(perfect nothing),oneness,,,a mysterious experience beyond our normal perceptions.

Tenshin philosophy came from this religious experience.

But this was "experience", it is difficult to make a sentence.

Because he thought that it was better to learn the truth with a body.

Kenbu Tenshin Ryu is to learn turth with body ourselves.

Kenbu Tenshin Ryu has much "kata"(forms"), in Kenbu Tenshin Ryu is to learn turth with kata.

Thus, in Kenbu Tenshin Ryu don't have competition.